Peter Mac is a professional freelance software programmer and Internet/Web developer. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and work for both local and international clients.

I provide a range of Information Technology services in the areas of software system architecture, freelance programming, web design and database development. Examples of the things I do are:

  • Help grow ideas on the internet
  • Design and build custom software systems
  • Create cost effective database solutions
  • Build functional web sites
  • Offer technical consulting services
  • Provide freelance programming and management support for software projects


I have built IT systems for blue-chip companies in Europe and Australia. I have developed technology solutions for customers like American Insurance Group, ANZ’s eCommerce division, Telstra’s Intranet solutions group and Foster’s Breweries. Along the way, I have also provided consulting services for Internet start-ups, not for profits organisations and smaller businesses.


I like to work in an open source environment as much as possible, this means I program in languages such as Ruby on Rails (RoR), Java, PHP, Perl and C++. I also have done lots of work with some of the Microsoft toolsets (.Net, Sharepoint etc.). I build most of my client websites using the Joomla, WordPress and Drupal content management systems.

I’ve designed and built interactive database solutions using MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and Oracle databases.

What can I do for you?

I am available for hire on a consulting basis, as a technology consultant to help in designing and building software solutions to help your business grow. My approach to work is open, honest and direct with a can-do attitude and a keen eye on my customer’s return on their investment.

What I don’t do

If you have a software or web project that you thought you’d save money on by farming out the development to a cheap off-shore outfit; keep it to yourself. It’s now your headache. I won’t retrofit, reverse engineer or otherwise hack the code of a programmer who gets paid $13/hr because that’s what you think they’re worth.

Who are the Associates?

The Associates part of Peter Mac is a small network of individuals (designers, programmers etc) I have worked with over the years with skills that compliment my own and who I can vouch for when it’s time to come up with the goods. My cats Java and Ruby also help out.

What does freelance mean?

Freelance means I pay for my own electricity, tools, laptop, software etc. It also means I get to choose when and where I work. I spent a fortune on my home office set-up and intend to make full use of it as I work on website designs, intricate programming problems and annoying database migrations. I’ll meet with clients at their offices or mine, but the bulk of the work happens at the Peter Mac Mansion. This gives me the freedom to burn the midnight oil while listening to music of my choice (LOUD!!) and free from the need to spend two hours every day commuting to a fluorescent lit cubicle.

What geographic areas do I service?

I am based in Melbourne Australia but have worked with clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Ireland and Vietnam. I use a bundle of web based tools to ensure connectivity, transparency and communication are maintained. Skype is nearly always open on my desktop.