After years of experience working (and playing) with different technologies I can confidently offer myself as a general technology consultant who can take a project from concept through to implementation. I can build new systems or integrate existing ones using a broad range of technologies.

Technology Consulting

My Approach

I have an open, honest, no bull approach to the world of technology. The Keep It Simple Stupid! (KISS) catchphrase is a favourite of mine.

My Offering

I offer independent, objective and professional advice to clients. I strive to keep that advice clear, concise and free of jargon and buzz-words.

Why choose me?

I have worked with consulting companies in the past and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. Very often consultants tell the customer what they want to hear, don’t listen to what a customer really wants and don’t speak up when the customer’s best interests are in question. I’ve seen this so often I’ve even got an expression for it…”you’ve been consultantised”. As you’ve probably gathered… I try to be what they are not.

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) allows users to manage the content of public websites and Intranet (internal use only) sites without needing a degree in computer science. It is widely accepted that a website is often the first exposure a potential customer has to your company. It is also a common complaint that site content is out of date and a costly chore to maintain. After a website has been designed and delivered, I will spend necessary time with a customer training them in the use of their new CMS. l look on this as empowering my customers to manage their own website.

All CMS implementations use open source technology. What this means is that clients don’t have to pay for the code that makes up your CMS as it’s available in the public domain. You are free to take that code and modify it yourself or get someone else to do it for you. You are not tied down to one solution provider.

Very often, when customers find the solution we have implemented is working well, they look to get additional functionality out of the system. If this functionality is not found in the standard solution, we have the expertise to build add-on modules to support your requirements.

Some CMS Benefits * Quick, efficient, ease of use * Use your own staff * Use your own layout, graphics, text, fonts and colours * Manage your website from anywhere in the world using the internet with a standard web browser * No need to pay web designers and no need for any technical knowledge or programming * No permanent commitment required to initial provider

Systems Integration

So many pieces, so little time…

If your organisation has a number of different IT systems that require information sharing in a fast and efficient manner, talk to Peter Mac and Associates. I have experience implementing market-leader middle-ware solutions and when that doesn’t fit the bill, developing custom tools to meet exacting customer requirements.

Get your systems talking

As IT systems have become ubiquitous over the last 20 or so years, a piece of hardware or software has been designed to accomplish every conceivable task. When it comes to getting those individual tasks to act in unison, that’s where Peter Mac comes in.

I have designed custom integration solutions to get back-end financial systems that only operate in batch mode to talk to web-based transaction processing systems in real-time. I have created warehouse replenishment systems to build purchase orders ready for dispatch to suppliers, each of which runs on different platforms using different technology. All technical challenges…all really good fun!

ERP Integration

I have worked on a number of projects where JDE and/or SAP was used as the main ERP system yet was required to communicate with other components such as purchase order and supply chain systems. I have built interfaces to enable this communication using advanced technologies and where necessary developed my own plumbing pieces to enhance throughput.

Technologies Used

In the system integration space I have worked with WebMethods, MQSeries and Windows Messaging, COM and COM+, VB and C# .NET. I have built WebServices and been instrumental in designing the WebService standards and architecture for some large organisations.